Our mission at DrB4Kids is to meet the dental and orthodontic needs of our pediatric patients by earning their trust and providing outstanding care resulting in the most attractive smile and face possible.

Our Philosophy

The philosophy of our practice is based upon creating the appropriate environment for children to feel the security necessary to receive whatever dental treatment appropriate to maintain their oral health. This begins with routine dental care such as cleanings, fluoride treatments, and oral examinations around the age of three. At that time it is incumbent upon the dentist to evaluate the emotional and psychological needs of the child and to coordinate those needs with the general requirements of the children oral health. Our practice has the staff and the experience to treat all the dental needs of the child in accord with his or her emotional and psychological development.

It is important to preserve the integrity of the primary or baby teeth not only for chewing but to maintain spacing for the permanent teeth to erupt in the most favorable position possible. Preventive procedures such as oral hygiene instructions, systemic fluoride intake, cleanings, and topical fluoride applications minimize the possibility of decay in the primary teeth which could cause discomfort or abscess formations that may affect the developing permanent teeth. If decay is diagnosed then routine restorative procedures should be performed to restore these teeth to health.

It is very important that these routine procedures be provided in such a manner that the child develops a sense of trust in the providers so that he or she is confident that they can return for future treatment without any anxiety. This attitude promotes a feeling of self-confidence that facilitates a return for routine care and, therefore, achieves our ultimate goal of the child becoming an orally healthy adult.

In addition to the routine of the children oral health, it is very important to monitor the evolution of the child’s face and its profile. Early childhood factors such as genetics, thumb habits, mouth breathing, or hygiene may affect the formation of the developing face. Research has proven that the sooner a problem is diagnosed and treated to a normal position the better the possibility of the patient demonstrating a normal path of facial growth. This type of facial growth will result in the best possibility of the patient presenting an attractive smile and pleasant facial profile.

It is the integration of child psychology, dental technical experience, and knowledge of growth and development which assures your child the very best in dental and orthodontic care.

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