DrB4Kids Cutest Pet Contest!

Introducing our newest event:
The DRB4KIDS Cutest Pet Contest!
Submit a cute photo of your pet to our Facebook contest and get your family and friends to vote for it. The five entries with the most votes become our finalists.  DrB4Kids Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics will randomly select a winner from the finalists, who will receive:

An Age-Appropriate Tablet (such as an iPad or ChildPad)!!!

To enter, you can:

A) Visit our Facebook Page and upload your photo now!
B) Snap a photo with your phone and:

  • On Twitter: Tweet a photo and tag it with #drb4kidscutestpet
  • On Instagram: Upload a photo and tag it with #drb4kidscutestpet

See below for an instructional video. Good luck and have fun!

YouTube Preview Image 
(Click the square icon in the bottom right-hand corner of the video to make it fullscreen) 


DrB4Kids “Flat Dr B” Photo Contest Winner Announced – Live

YouTube Preview Image

DrB4Kids Pediatric Dentist in Langhorne Announces Contest Winner on Youtube

Our children’s dental office ran a contest for our pediatric and orthodontic patients on Facebook. We gave out “FlatDrB” cardboard photos and asked everyone to be creative. All patients voted for their favorites and we chose the winner from the top five finalists. In addition to the $500 prize Dr.Bechtloff donated $150 to the charity of their choice. Read more about Dr.B online.

Is Social Media Replacing Social Skills?

Let me start out by saying that I love the Internet and I’m even getting comfortable texting.  Our office, in Langhorne, has recently ventured into the land of Facebook and we love it.  It allows us to connect with parents, run a few contest and have some fun. However I sense something strange happening and I wonder if you notice the same thing: 

Texting, mobile phones and social media is taking away some of the lessons we learned as children regarding face-to-face communication and use of social skills.  When we were forced to look each other in the eye, conversations took place – even difficult ones – and they helped to shape our personalities and build our interpersonal social skills.  I remember how difficult it was mustering up enough courage to walk up to a girl and ask her to the school dance, or worse, deal with the rejection when she declined. Looking back, I recognize how important these small hurdles were as building blocks of my future relationships, whether personal or business. 

In today’s social media world, confrontational situations can be avoided by instead sending a simple text, email or Facebook wall post. So, are we losing social skills by foregoing the learning experiences gained through traditional communication? Or is the world of communication changing so much that traditional expectations of face-to-face meetings (and the interpersonal skills it takes to succeed in them) won’t be as important in the future?

Please feel free to comment or give me a call-no text please. 🙂   215-750-1717

I’d really like to know what you think.