Testimonials at DrB4Kids

very pleasant and always friendly!


I have been coming to Dr. B since I was a very little girl. Dr. B has always taken the best care of me and my teeth (and I have had more than my fair share of dental procedures). I am now 25 and will not trust anyone else with my teeth! He is the best!!


Dr. B is an amazing dentist. I have been going to him since I was six and have only had positive experiences and results. I would recommend Dr. B to anyone, seeing that he is personable and talented.

Ms. Reznik

Dr B and his staff are a pleasure to interact with. They are friendly, caring, and enjoy their work. My 4 children never mind coming the dentist. It is a welcoming atmosphere. They are great interacting with kids of all ages!

The King Family

It is a warm autumn afternoon and I see my sister jumping on our trampoline.  On instinct, I get on too and start doing some flips with her.  A short time later, something goes terribly wrong.  I put my body too far forward, so when I land my knee shoots up and hits me in the mouth.  I rush inside all bloodied, and while my mom calls the dentist, I run into the bathroom to see how bad it is for me.  This is a horrible mistake, for I see something horrific.  At least 5 or 6 of my teeth are dangling by a thread, and not my baby teeth, these are my permanent teeth.  My mom gets me an ice pack to quench the awful pain and while we are running out the door we see my dad who is just getting home from work, he joins us on the way to the dentist.

A short time later when we reach the dentist office, I had to wait a crushing 30 minutes which felt like forever to me because the dentist had two other emergencies before me.  When I finally get in the operating room, Doctor Bechtloff, my hero, inspects me and comes to the conclusion that 5 of my teeth have been displaced.  A weight falls on me when I realize that my teeth may not ever be the same.  Doctor Bechtloff gives me laughing gas to relieve me from the pain that I am in.  After 4 hours of extra work that he could have spent having fun with his family, the job is finally done.  During the operation he first pushed my teeth back into the gums, and then he wired them together so that they were secure.  After I was off the laughing gas, he told me that I could only have drinks and soup until I saw him tomorrow.

After countless checkups he took the wires off.  As a result of everything, my teeth are perfectly fine, except for them being zigzaggy.  I now go to him to get my braces adjusted monthly.  Looking back on it all, I am truly relieved that my teeth aren’t replacement teeth and that I didn’t chip any of them.  I also have to thank Doctor Bechtloff for staying after hours when he really didnt have to.  Furthermore, I am grateful to Doctor Bechtloff for never giving up on my teeth even when I thought they could never be fixed.

Anonymous Patient